There's a Super Hero inside each and everyone of us and it starts with Your Powerful Mind! 
Let’s teach young girls
that self love, inner confidence, and your mind is your most powerful asset.
Dr. Jaina Thatch, is a Physical Therapist, advocate for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Mom of 4, Wife, and Author of the book My Super Hero Mind.

As a mom of boys, Jaina’s world changed when she had her daughter, Isla. When Isla wore Super Hero clothing, Jaina started to see her tenacious spirit, strong will, and determination come to life.
Jaina has always had a passion for writing and her daughter inspired her mission; To be a voice of change for how young girls feel about themselves.
She’s instilling a message for her daughter and all women around the world that girls can use their powerful minds for anything and that true beauty comes from within.
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