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The Author, Speaker, Wife, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and Mom With A Powerful Message

You need to show your child that you’re living your dreams if you want them to live theirs.”

I was born to write.

I was happy as a physical therapist, but I’ve always known deep down that my superpower is the written word.

As a wife and mother of 4, writing a children’s book seemed like the right way to go. I just needed some inspiration.

After giving birth to three boys, my daughter entered the world, and I started thinking about women, and myself, differently.

Who would my daughter emulate? Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Jane Goodall - these are the types of strong women we need more of in this world.

But it’s a balance.

My daughter never wanted to wear dresses. She dressed up as a super hero and told me she had super strength, but she is also kind, warm, and nurturing.

I want her to know she can be both.

I want her to believe in all the possibilities. She can be president, and she can have children. She can be loving and soft, and she can be hard and fierce. She doesn’t have to choose.

My daughter inspired the book, My Super Hero Mind, and she inspires me every day.

As women, as mothers, as men, as fathers, we need to show our daughters that they can be and do anything.

That’s the message I want to share.

Follow along with me on my journey of empowering girls, and share your journey as well!

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